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I'm a 26 year old running mom and wife. Created this to help motivate myself and others along the way.


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Our running shoes are really erasers. Every step erases a memory of a past failure. Every mile brings us closer to a clean slate. Each footstrike rubs away a word, a look, or an event that led us to believe that success was beyond our grasp.
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Many people call it a Runner’s High, but the key thing is…… If you’re not a runner, and you’re not used to getting out the door and experiencing that time with yourself, and being with your body and mind. There’s something that happens when you’re out there and you’re body’s in rhythm with your breathing, and your heart, and your mind, and everything. You just feel a very big high; an exhilaration. So many people, when they get out the door and they’re running, it’s when they do their best thinking, and it clears their mind of the stress and they just feel so much better.
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